How Cloud Partner can add value with their Cloud Services

  Apr 10, 2020 16:27:00  |    Joseph C V   Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud benefits, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud


Do you often struggle to pull your metrics from your cloud system? Or feel that your monthly consumption is crossing the limits and hence over-budgeted? Maybe you think that you could get some discounts?

Questions like these about cloud venture can give you potential nightmares? This is where you should plan to hire a cloud partner who can get you rid of all your worries. Sample this - Amazon mentions that 90 out of 100 top Fortune companies use Amazon’s partner solutions for their cloud needs.

That being said, if you have not planned to put yourself in a similar bracket yet you might be missing out on a big opportunity.

Enter - a Cloud Partner.


What is a Cloud Partner?

A cloud partner is your technical friend in disguise. These are the service provider B2B companies that help other B2B clients to foray their business by shifting the IT setup on the cloud network.

These partners study your existing system and provide consultation about moving to the cloud. They assess the expenses, benefits, and technical requirements for any of the cloud offerings. Your cloud partner would also design, migrate, and manage your IT assets on the cloud.

The cloud partners make the best use of the cloud by offering you IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings apart from counseling for backup and disaster recovery.


Credentials of the Cloud Partners

Another point to add here is that these partners are not cloud vendors like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Bluemix. The partner firms tie-up with vendors after gaining certifications and proving their mettle. And these are the only authorized service providers you should trust when you opt for a cloud service.

Microsoft offers a partnership program called Microsoft CSP or Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Similarly, Amazon has APN or AWS Partner Network through which they accredit cloud partners fit to provide AWS services to the customers.


How can a Cloud Partner add Value with their Cloud Services?


A cloud partner takes all your worries away revolving around the cloud network. If that doesn’t convince you, here's a list of all the benefits you can reap after shaking hands with a cloud partner.


Managed Services

Think of any service related to the cloud and a partner will usually nod. Whether you want to migrate your apps from on-premise infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure, they will come to the rescue. They also migrate your IT system entirely, or a part of it from one cloud platform to another. Furthermore, a CSP or APN can design architecture in the cloud for your project from scratch, too.

They help you abide by all the policies and regulations and ensure resilient security and governance. Other cloud-related services like platform modernization, cloud optimization, planning for disaster recovery, backup, and archival also fall under their offerings.


Expert Advice

With extensive experience in the industry, a cloud partner like Logesys always shares their expert advice. Their consulting services when you want to lift the applications from on-premise to shift it to the cloud, come extremely handy and beneficial.

As IT teams are churning out innovative solutions every other day with the help of new technologies, this can be the cherry on the cake. Moreover, a cloud partner can ideate proposals that can save you money and human resources; their automation plans can take your cloud infrastructure to new heights.


Credit Term

Have you exhausted all your cloud quota? Worry not. If you have a higher consumption requirement, you can always ask for a credit term. A partner should be easily able to offer you credit terms based on your plan and need.


Free Support

A cloud partner can offer L1 support to your company, which can include issues resolution with users and account management, creating customized reports, assisting you with scaling up or down your azure cloud project, etc.

In case there is an issue of higher level falling under L2 and L3 support, a partner contacts the vendor and coordinates on behalf of you to get the right resolution.

Such timely support can help you solve your requirements faster than expected.


Software Assistance

You might want to choose a partner that not only offers cloud expertise but also possesses experience in software development. The benefit would be: you can seek their help anytime with quick turnaround time. Their software-based services like custom development would help you salvage tricky situations. And the brownie point will be automation services - in case they offer that too.



If your cloud consumption value reaches a threshold, you can always ask for a discount. These small benefits can help you save some dollars here and there. But in the long run, these small amounts can sum up to an enormous profit.


What Partner with Logesys?

Managed services could be your core reason to partner with us. With a footing of over a decade in the IT service industry and domain expertise in various sectors, Logesys team could be your best cloud partner.

The major pain points for a company using a cloud environment are the initial set up of the environment, followed by the administration. With us, you get an onetime setup of the IaaS environment. Also, you will not be left alone in a DIY mode as you can leave all your infrastructure administration duties on us.

With cloud comes the fear of security and we take utmost care while handling security and compliance management. You can be assured that your projects follow the HIPPA and GDPR policies.  

Likewise, You can focus on project and app development as we take the onus of monitoring the cloud network and servers. Additionally, we generate and schedule customized reports for you so that you can see just the right data at the right time. Soon enough, fiddling with system metrics will be a thing of the past for you.

Apart from consulting the best advice for your projects, we also study the cracks that absorb those extra pennies. This is how you can cut your budget with our cost optimization suggestions.


Parting Words

IDC in their report mentioned that the market in public cloud would touch $370 billion in 2022. Microsoft estimates to be serving 2 million customers through its CSP program. This figure is proof of how much the cloud vendors trust in their partners.

If you are in a dilemma to decide the right partner for your cloud infrastructure or application setup, you are in the right hands. Get in touch with our team here and set up a consultation call within hours to eradicate your cloud woes.