Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with AI

  Oct 10, 2018 18:34:00  |    Joseph C V   Marketing, Chatbots, Granular marketing, Customer experience, Artificial Intelligence


For the longest time, artificial intelligence has been a redundant accessory more or less. With the rapid development in this field, however, companies have taken a keen interest in incorporating this technology into their marketing platforms. Today, industry heavyweights like Amazon, Google, Apple, and the like have all seriously invested their resources inefficiently using artificial intelligence. With this marked shift in how marketers approach AI, it is clear that marketers who fail to keep up with the latest developments in this technology will lag behind leaps and bounds. Here are some ways in which AI can seriously enhance your marketing efforts:


Guiding the buyer journey

AI plays into every step in customer journey by teaching retailers about their customers through deep learning and genetic algorithms and to provide them with an insight on how users interact with their products and how messages that they curate resonate with the shoppers. It also teaches them a lot about how they can better market their products. As a retailer, you can learn a lot about your customers via deep learning and genetic algorithms that AI provides. It becomes easy to get an insight on how users find your products and how they interact with them.

The North Face an Activewear and outdoor sports gear company based in USA recently launched a mobile app that combines natural language processing with an AI-powered shopping assistant to help customers find the products that were just right for them. The app fared really well among the 50,000 people who experienced it beforehand as a part of the study.


Smart sensors

The main aim of marketing, since time immemorial, has been to be relevant to a consumer. Additionally, content is a big part of marketing. In such a case, the more relevant the content is, the higher a company's conversion rate will be. With the introduction of sensors that could identify the target audience as well as its moods at certain periods of time, content developers could incorporate some of the most relevant content. This, however, would also mean not sending out any content if the consumer is not in the mood.


Personalizing customer experience

As consumers become more and more comfortable with Siri and Alexa, there has been a considerable increase in companies replacing traditional customer service with chatbots. Introduction of digital assistants has seen a drastic improvement in capturing data and customer preferences.

Thanks to that, a huge portion of people are planning to utilize AI via chatbots or digital assistants to enhance customer experience. Although even today, some retailers see human interaction as critical to completely move to AI, it is safe to say that the society is moving towards a path where complete automation in regards with customer interaction will be the norm.


What’s a Chatbot?

The chatbot technology is basically a combination of natural language processing and machine learning to improve customer experience. Although digital assistants are meant for every brand, it is safe to assume that this technology is becoming increasingly prevalent and heavily deployed already. Efforts were ramped up especially after Facebook allowed brands to build bots on their Messenger service, enabling these brands to have the ability of simultaneously yet effectively connecting to over 900 million people who use the platform.


Granular marketing

Even though there is a chance that not many people will click on a very specific marketing campaign, the likelihood of those viewers converting to consumers is way higher. The use of AI can provide you with a clearer picture of customers, thus allowing you to effectively fine-tune campaigns by truly personalizing messages- even down to specific individuals. All this in a span of mere milliseconds.



Artificial intelligence is getting integrated into almost every kind of industry because that’s the top-most emerging way of maximising your marketing efforts. Apart from having great impact on business and contributing to their growth and success - from AI sales to customer engagement, this revolution has only just begun. The question is, are you ready?