Power BI Embedded- Who Should Opt It and Why

  Mar 28, 2020 13:05:00  |    Joseph C V   business intelligence tools, Power BI, big data, Microsoft


Tim, the CEO of the corporate healthcare app, was frustrated when the responses decreased in the last quarter from the gyms. Marketing head suggested him to offer graphs and charts about the progress and intermediate results to the gyms and their members. But when they arrived at a plan after consensus, getting the visualizations developed was a challenge.

While exploring various options, they discussed with their team. But the team had no analytics experts. And then, one developer suggested them to integrate Microsoft Power BI Embedded for the visualizations package.

Within a fortnight, the team rolled out the new feature in the beta version. The hits shot up and garnered 4+ reviews from the beta users.

That is the power of visualization you can reap by using Microsoft Power BI Embedded with your app or product.

What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. This version of Power BI helps businesses to use the analytics power Microsoft provides to generate reports and visualizations. Even if you are an enterprise-level organization, you can integrate Power BI Embedded with your products. Thus, you can lend the power of the right insights to your users and help them in making apt decisions.

With this add-on, you are neither exerting the pressure of analytics development on your team, nor buying new licenses. Even your audience doesn’t need a Microsoft subscription or expertise to operate these reports.

Who Should opt Power BI Embedded?

If you own a product or app in the B2B or B2C market, you can use Power BI Embedded to render decision-making analytics. If you’re not in a state to hire analytics developers, yet want to offer insights to your users from their data, you can leverage Power BI Embedded.

Let’s check the list of the target audience who should opt for Power BI Embedded.



ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor—any company that provides independent software based on the cloud in the B2B domain. They develop apps (or websites), market, and sell their software using software and hardware from third parties such as Microsoft.

Developing a full-fledged analytics solution for their app might come as a jolt to their pockets. But Power BI Embedded would be a smooth and money-friendly alternative.


Independent Developers

Just like ISVs, if you are an independent developer and create apps for your clients, Power BI Embedded would come handy. You can embed the visualizations made in Power BI Desktop and publish them on any website or app.


Service Providers

Forget ISVs or developers; even if you are a service provider, you can show the information available for your customers in a savvy and polished way. Imagine a company providing door-to-door facilities like plumbing and electrical fixing to households and corporate setups.

They can share their yearly reports to the customers to highlight the success stories. A monthly report to the corporate clients would help the users analyze their expenditure on the services.



Companies can distribute individual, account-level, and corporate-wide reports with their employees. The workforce would not need any additional licenses or skillsets to check these reports.


Why Should You opt Power BI Embedded?

Rather than building your own team of analytics experts, it might be better to opt for Power BI Embedded for multiple reasons, namely:


Full Analytics

Your team would spend minimal time creating customized reports and dashboards. And thus, they can retain their time and energy for more business-focused tasks. Your users would get top quality insights that are time-tested with Microsoft.



The package of Power BI Embedded comes with customizable features. You can sync the reports with your brand’s look and feel and logo. Your branding won’t be overshadowed with the giantism of Microsoft. Users will be accessing these reports and feel connected with your products.



Tim served gyms and corporate healthcare companies; your users could be scattered in multiple industries or the same sector.

In such cases, you can customize your visualization packages for them according to their demands. While you won’t lose your branding, the tailor-made reports would cater to their desired features.



Industry giants like Microsoft leave no stone unturned when security is concerned. With Power BI Embedded, you can stay assured of the top-grade security, and your users will never worry about their sensitive data being compromised.


Scale up and down

Business expansion at an exponential rate is no dream these days. Many startups are scaling new heights quicker than earlier. Will my visualization offerings accommodate this growth then, you ask?

Microsoft gets you covered. With Azure, you can always scale up or down based on your project needs. And remember, one Azure license is enough to deliver these reports and keep your users hooked with the right data stories.


Negligible Investment at Time and Resource

When you use Power BI Embedded, you need not build an analytics team from scratch to design, develop, test, and deploy these reports. You can integrate Power BI with this tutorial. Then, within no time, your users can benefit from the visualizations.


Easy to Deploy and Manage

Power BI Embedded is easy to deploy. The necessary prerequisites you need are access to Microsoft Azure and a Power BI Pro account.

You can pay just $1/hour and in return, your users get world-class reports and dashboards to answer the questions they were fiddling with.


User’s Experience and Benefits

Power BI Embedded doesn’t throw tantrums to your non-tech users. In fact, it is highly user-friendly.

  • No End-user License Needed

The embedded analytics reports and dashboards don’t demand any license for the users. It works with the master license you use with Power BI. And all the product updates will be pushed to your app automatically and seamlessly.

  • No Sign up Needed

These integrated charts and graphs need no extra Sign up from the end-user’s side. Once they login to the apps, they have the permission to pull the reports.

  • No Analytics Expertise Needed

Your users need not educate themselves with the technical aspects of Power BI. These are simple reports that users can pull out from their accounts with a few clicks and taps.


Why Hire a Vendor for Power BI Embedded Integration?

Because a vendor will take away all your hassles and provide you the right consultation.

Any vendor in partnership with Microsoft would offer you precisely the same services as the company itself. Working at a smaller scale than Microsoft, a vendor would provide you quick services and consultation. Their services are on par with any big-ticket service-based company. They can also study your needs and existing infrastructure and can consult with fast turnaround time.

We at Logesys are an expert team with decades of industry and technical knowledge. With a Microsoft partnership thriving for over 10 years, we are just a call or email away.

Do you want to offer just the right analytics to your users as Tim did? Do you want to integrate world-class Power BI insights into your product smoothly? Then reach out to us.